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Screenpresso Pro o aplicatie mica si utila pentru inregistrat video desktop-ul si Print Screen care nu necesita instalare si functioneaza ok...

· Entire screen, region, window
· One-click screen capture
· Clean transparency borders and corners on Vista and Windows 7
· Scrolling part thanks to stitching mechanism
· Include cursor in your captures with a zoom factor
· Magnifying glass to capture with a one pixel precision
· Perform actions after taking screen shots : open the editor, open the history
· Manage the clipboard usage after screen shot
· Automate resizing on every capture
· Automate effects (drop shadow, borders, reflexion, ...) on every capture
· Multiple screens support
· Video

Organize : Screenshot History:
· Store up to 100 screenshots sorted by date
· Automatic file naming
· Batch conversion of images : resizing and adding effects
· Easy create thumbnails of all captures
· Rename and delete screenshots

· Save screenshots in PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP formats
· Drag & Drop screenshots from History to any application that accept images
· Send to email : easy attach files to email editor like Outlook, Thunderbird, GMail ...
· Save to clipboard (inlcuding image and file path)
· Send to your favorite image editor in one click
· Send to printer with autofit option

Built-in Editor:
· Vector-based editing
· Drop shadows
· Image effects : drop shadows, borders, reflexion, color background, rotation
· Drawing tools : rectangle, ellipse, numbering,...
· Text boxes
· Annotations
· Arrows
· Eliminating unwanted areas of screen captures : Crop
· Blurring confidential data
· Callouts
· Advanced resize options
· Ribbon-based menus

· Touch screens support
· No need for administrator priviledges
· No install required

· Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1

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nou, martie 2014
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Screenpresso 1.3.2 rar-2,58Mb
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