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cateva zeci de aplicatii si jocuri full pentru Android, telefoane mobile, notebook, tablete si orice mai sufla cu android

1Tap Quick Bar-Quick Settings (Ultimate) v1.2-AnDrOiD
aCar Pro - Track your vehicles v4.2.1-AnDrOiD
aFirewall Call And Message blocker v4.0.4-AnDrOiD
Android Task Manager Pro v2.8.5-AnDrOiD
AndroZip Root File Manager v4.5 build 41-AnDrOiD
Archos Video Player v6.0.19 4.0.3 Plus-AnDrOiD
BetterBatteryStats v1.12 RC1-AnDrOiD
Black Infinitum - Inverted v3.1.3 Android 4.1 Plus (Requires CM10 AOKP Rom)-AnDrOiD
Black Infinitum - Inverted v3.1.4 Android 4.1 Plus (Requires CM10 AOKP Rom)-AnDrOiD
Chat Toolkit (smileys memes) v1.0-AnDrOiD
Clock JBplus v1.0.4-AnDrOiD
Color Booth Pro v1.2.4-AnDrOiD
Dsoid v1.9.6-AnDrOiD
eWeather HD Radar HD Quakes v4.6.4-AnDrOiD
Field Recorder v2.12.2-AnDrOiD
Fine Volume Control V2 (Full) v2.1.4-AnDrOiD
FPse for android v0.11.73-ROOTED DEVICES ONLY-AnDrOiD
FTL Launcher Pro v3.1.5 Android 4.1 Plus-AnDrOiD
GO Launcher EX v3.25 Beta4-AnDrOiD
Gym Book training notebook v3.5-AnDrOiD
GyroSpace 3D Live Wallpaper v1.0.3-AnDrOiD
Holo Launcher HD Plus v2.0.0 Android 4.0 Plus-AnDrOiD
Icon Pack - Darkness v1.0-AnDrOiD
Laser Clock ANDROID BLUE v2.1.5-AnDrOiD
Math Ref v2.5.3-AnDrOiD
Memory Booster (Full Version) v5.0-AnDrOiD
Music Player (Remix) v1.0.0-AnDrOiD
nanoloop v1.8.7-AnDrOiD
Performance Test Pro v1.2-AnDrOiD Lab PRO v1.2-AnDrOiD
ReNotify Plus v1.6.3 4.0 Plus-AnDrOiD
Root Call Blocker Pro v1.8.3.25-ROOTED DEVICES ONLY-AnDrOiD
Round White Theme Go Nova Apex v1.8-AnDrOiD
runtastic SitUps PRO v1.4-AnDrOiD
SketchBook Pro for Tablets v2.5.2- Android 3.0 plus-AnDrOiD
Smart Screen Off PRO v2.3-AnDrOiD
SoundWire (full version) v1.0.7-AnDrOiD
Spyware Shield v1.0-AnDrOiD
Switch Controls Full v2.3-AnDrOiD
Talking Battery Widget Pro v2.0.1-AnDrOiD
THEME RedPlaid v1.0-AnDrOiD
WiFi Mouse HD v1.7-AnDrOiD
ZDbox (All-In-One toolbox) v3.9.253-AnDrOiD
Zoner Mobile Security v1.0.0-AnDrOiD

Android Applications decembrie 2012 download free torent - 170 MB
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tura a 2-a

Battery Booster (Full) v5.9-AnDrOiD
Battery HD Pro v1.24-AnDrOiD
Black Infinitum - Inverted v3.2 Android 4.1 Plus (Requires CM10 AOKP Rom)-AnDrOiD
Black Transparency TSF THEME v1.0-AnDrOiD
Block Whatsapp Last Seen v2.6-AnDrOiD
CM10 CM9 AOKP Sony UXP theme v1.1.2 Android 4.0 Plus (Requires CM10 AOKP Rom)-AnDrOiD
EVA - Virtual Assistant v2.66-AnDrOiD
Galaxy S3 Note2 ADW NOVA Theme v1.2-AnDrOiD
Icon Pack - Steampunk v1.0-AnDrOiD
iDisplay v2.4.3-AnDrOiD
iLauncher v2.2.2.1-AnDrOiD
Kids Vehicles 1 Fire Truck 3D v1.1-AnDrOiD
Mobi Calculator Pro v1.3.12-AnDrOiD
Moonplus Reader Pro v1.8.9-AnDrOiD
motiongraph v1.0.03.12251-AnDrOiD
Music Player (Remix) v1.0.2-AnDrOiD
Private Diary v5.1-AnDrOiD
Rainy GO LauncherEX Theme v1.0-AnDrOiD
Shazam Encore v3.13.0-JB77205-AnDrOiD
Shot Control v2.6.6-AnDrOiD
Smart Screen Off PRO v2.3.1-AnDrOiD
Solid Explorer Full Version v1.4.1b-AnDrOiD
Speed Launcher Pro Lock screen v4.0-AnDrOiD
ssLauncher the Original v1.9.4-AnDrOiD
SunVox v1.7.2 build 107022-AnDrOiD
Tweetings for Twitter v2.12.1-AnDrOiD
Vaulty Stocks v3.10.1-AnDrOiD
VitalPlayer Pro v2.0.5-AnDrOiD
ZDbox (All-In-One toolbox) v3.9.255-AnDrOiD

Android Applications decembrie 2012 download free torent - 160 MB
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tura a 3-a jocuri

Acceler8 Pro v1.14
Amazing Breaker v1.02
Ant Raid v1.0.0
APO Snow v1.0.4
Armageddon Squadron v1.0.9
Aspir o Matic v1.0
BattleFriends at Sea PREMIUM v1.0.4
Boost 2 v1.1.0
Bridge Architect v1.2.2
Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies v1.0.5 + SD DATA
Catch The Monsters! v1.0
Count On Me by KLAP v1.0
Doodle Army v1.0
ExZeus 2 v2.1.3
Fantasy Adventure v1.0.2
Farming Simulator v1.0.4
Genesis v1.2.0 + SD DATA
Going Going Gone v1.0
Karl's Castle v1.1.2
Majesty - Fantasy Kingdom Sim v1.13.40
MYFC Manager 2013 v2.05
Night of the Living Dead v01.05.00
Patchworkz (Full) v1.0 + SD DATA
Pocket BMX v1.0
Pocket RPG v1.16 + SD DATA
Pool Break Pro v2.2.2
Rayman Jungle Run v2.0.1 + SD DATA
Real Steel HD v1.0.40 + SD DATA
Revenge of the Rob-O-Bot v1.0
SiliBili v1.0.5 + SD DATA
Ski Jumping 12 v1.2.2 + SD DATA
Sonic Jump v1.1 (Ice Cream Sandwich Only)
Sonic Jump v1.1 (Jelly Bean Only)
Space Ace v1.030
Space Out v1.52
Tadeo Jones - Train Crisis Pro v1.2
The Great Fusion v1.2.1
Tower Command HD v1.6
Train Crisis HD v2.0.2 + SD DATA
TRex Hunt v1.0
Vritra v1.02
Where's My Perry v1.3.0

Android Games download free torent - 2.3 GB
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daca vreti ceva anume, scrieti pe forum, la aplicatii telefoane mobile
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tura a 4-a

Advanced Task Manager Pro v3.0.1-AnDrOiD
Android Pro Widgets v1.3.4 Unlocked-AnDrOiD
Battery Widget Reborn Pro v1.5.3 PRO-AnDrOiD
Beautiful Widgets v5.0.5-AnDrOiD
Blue Infinitum Theme - CM10 v2.8.0 Android 4.0 Plus (Requires CM10 AOKP Rom)-AnDrOiD
Call Recorder Galaxy S2 and S3 FULL v1.9.36-AnDrOiD
Call Recorder Total Recall FULL v1.9.36-AnDrOiD
Convertor Pro v4.11-AnDrOiD
Daily Arm Workout v2.20-AnDrOiD
DRAGON designer clock widget v2.11-AnDrOiD
Dropsync PRO v2.4.11-AnDrOiD
ePSXe for Android v1.8.3-AnDrOiD
File Explorer Plus Root v1.2.0-AnDrOiD
Flightradar24 Pro v3.6.1 (Plus Aircraft model graphics)-AnDrOiD
FolderSync v2.3.1-AnDrOiD
ForeverMap 2 - Offline Maps v2.2.1.0-AnDrOiD
FPse for android v0.11.70-ROOTED DEVICES ONLY-AnDrOiD
GO SMS Pro v4.71-AnDrOiD
Innovative Animus Theme v1.1-AnDrOiD
iPhone Go Launcher EX Theme vV-AnDrOiD
Its a Small World v1.0.0 LWP-AnDrOiD
LC Sunken Glass Apex Go Nova v1.01-AnDrOiD
Norton Utilities And Task Killer FULL v2.6.0.291-AnDrOiD
Pixlr-o-matic v2.2.1-AnDrOiD
PlayerPro Music Player v2.51-AnDrOiD
PolyClock World Clock v4.01-AnDrOiD
RealPlayer Premium v1.1.3.0-AnDrOiD
RepliGo PDF Reader v4.1.2-AnDrOiD
Solid Explorer FULL v1.4.1a-AnDrOiD
Starship C. GO Launcher Theme v1.0-AnDrOiD
StatusBar Plus Custom Status Bar v5.0-AnDrOiD
SwiftKey 3 Phone Keyboard v3.1.0.377-AnDrOiD
SwiftKey 3 Tablet Keyboard v3.1.0.377-AnDrOiD
TrackID v3.60.64-AnDrOiD
TweetCaster Pro for Twitter v6.9.6 -AnDrOiD
Tweetings for Twitter v2.10.6-AnDrOiD
Winamp Pro v1.4.5-AnDrOiD

Android application download free torent - 190 MB
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Superbrothers Sword And Sworcery v1.0.1 game Android download free torent - 160 MB

tura a 5-a

Animated Battery Widgets v1.0.3-AnDrOiD
aTorrent PRO v2.0.0.8-AnDrOiD
BackCountry Navigator PRO GPS v4.8.4-AnDrOiD
Battery Booster (FULL) v5.8-AnDrOiD
Black Infinitum - Inverted v2.7.5.1 Android 4.1 Plus-AnDrOiD
CameraPro (CameraX) 2.0 v2.38-AnDrOiD
Christmas HD ADW NOVA Theme v1.0-AnDrOiD
Christmas HD v1.4 LWP-AnDrOiD
Christmas Pixel Live Wallpaper v1.2-AnDrOiD
Clock JB Plus v1.0.1-AnDrOiD
Daily Ab Workout v2.19-AnDrOiD
Daily Arm Workout v2.19-AnDrOiD
Daily Butt Workout v2.19-AnDrOiD
Digital Alarm Clock-Pro v4.1-AnDrOiD
Falcon Pro (for Twitter) v1.3-AnDrOiD
Fast Pro for Facebook (Beta) v1.94-AnDrOiD
Flashlight Ultra v1.1.4-AnDrOiD
HD Beautiful Clock Widgets v1.2-AnDrOiD
Hourly chime PRO v3.4-AnDrOiD
Mantano Ebook Reader Premium v2.3.7-AnDrOiD
Meeting Minutes Pro v20-AnDrOiD
Moon Phase Pro v4.3-AnDrOiD
Morphyre Music Visualizer v1.62-AnDrOiD
Neon Colors Theme CM10.1-10 v2.10 (Requires.CM9.CM10.AOKP.Rom)-AnDrOiD
Night Camera Plus v2.08-AnDrOiD
Prime HD Icon Pack v2.0.1-AnDrOiD
Prime HD Icon Pack v2.0-AnDrOiD
ScanBizCards Premium v2.02-AnDrOiD
Scanthing OCR v1.31-AnDrOiD
Smart Cover v3.2-AnDrOiD
Snack Pack v1.2.3 Theme-AnDrOiD
SwitchPro Widget v2.2.4-AnDrOiD
Unlock With WiFi v2.5.0-AnDrOiD
WeatherBug Elite v2.9.5-AnDrOiD
White Noise FULL v4.6-AnDrOiD
Winter Snow Cartoon LWP PRO v1.1.1-AnDrOiD
Winter Snow Live Wallpaper v2.2.4-AnDrOiD
WolframAlpha v1.2.0.3888710-AnDrOiD

Android apk decembrie 2012 download free torent - 215 Mb
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